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I'm still alive... yep, I guess I still am :)

just checking.


Around three months ago, the National Press Club commissioned us to do an 8x32 foot-mural on the history of press freedom in the Philippines. A lot of problems were encountered during the production phase mainly because of the delays in the schedule of payment on their part, as stipulated in the contract we signed. Still, through the commitment and dedication shown by the members of our group, the mural was completed in time for the unveiling scheduled on October 26. Finally, we would be able to sleep a lot more easily.

Or so we thought.

We were shocked to be informed by one of their board of directors that changes were made in the mural without our knowledge.
We, the Neo-Angono Artists Collective, would like to express our outrage, revulsion and protest against the total lack of respect of the NPC for the integrity of the commissioned artwork, as shown by the slipshod alterations they caused in several parts of the said mural, to wit:

1) The erasure of a big portion of the newspaper held by the central figure, containing the statement of the International Federation of Journalists regarding the perceived effects of the anti-terror law on press freedom, and replaced by a hideous bird-monster in a cage;

2) The alteration of the headline of the newspaper Jose Rizal is holding from “Press Freedom Fighter’s Son Abducted” to “Press Freedom Fight Is On” and the defacement of Jonas and Edith Burgos’s pictures as well as the erasure of Jonas’s name;

3) The change of the tattoo on Andres Bonifacio’s left arm from the alibata “K” to a sappy red heart pierced by an arrow;

4) The erasure of the name of the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines from the banners of the rallyists;

5) The lengthening of the hair and beard of the figure identified as academician- columnist Prof. Randy David beside columnist Conrad de Quiros;
6)The addition of beard and mustache and the change of hair color from white to black of the pugo and balut vendor identified as columnist and Martial Law detainee Juan Mercado.

We believe that the above-mentioned alterations were made by some unidentified artist/s with the authorization and consent of the NPC leadership (even with their disavowal of responsibility, considering that the mural was within their premises). We rail against these modifications not only because of the slipshod work and poor artistry but more so because of the censorship that is clearly at work here.

Isn’t it ironic that an institution such as the NPC would cause the censorship of a work that they themselves commissioned purportedly to promote press freedom? Isn’t the freedom of expression of the artist bound up with the very press freedom that they supposedly uphold? Aren’t these alterations a clear violation of the rights of authors/artists protected by the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines?
We call on our fellow artists, journalists, writers, and citizens to support us in this move to defend not only our artistic, but also our civic rights. We will highly appreciate it if you could send a short statement of support for our cause.
Please send it to

To view the mural in its original state, please visit www.neo-angono. com. You may also visit the actual bastardized mural at the Headline Restaurant at the 4th floor of the NPC building.
Uphold press freedom and artistic expression!

- The Neo-Angono Artists Collective, October 31, 2007


Ok I did not encounter extraterrestrials and whatnot... but I just had my first encounter with our cadaver today! hahaha yup :p it wasn't as bad as i imagined it to be. All the groups drew lots to determine which cadaver they would end up with. hahaha of course you'd want the medyo juicy one, preferably male so that the muscles would be more defined, and sana with the least amount of fat. I never realized i'd be happy and excited to choose a good cadaver! Luckily, we ended up with cadaver#5  who fit the bill - medyo juicy, muscled male with lil fat! yehesss! less hassle yun sa pagdidissect! (we baptized him as Tonton, btw) :D

I was a lil scared at first (who wouldn't be?!?!?!) that all i could do was stare at my other groupmates who started to dig in and separate skin from underlying subcutaneous tissues and muscles.  I was so amazed at how easily they sliced through skin and fat, not feeling disgusted and nauseous. After a while, a group mate looked up at me and just handed me the blade. All i could do was take it while consciously keeping a steady hand. Then, that was it! I dug in and before I knew it, i've been slicing through fascia for a little more than two hours! :D

It was a fun experience actually... after you get through the initial disgust and apprehension towards cutting human flesh (it's preserved in formaline mind you, so it is not as icky). Plus, you become desensitized to the foul-smelling preservative. Seeing the underlying muscles gradually being unveiled was exciting... you start thinking "ooh! so that's how the pectoralis major actually looks like" and get all nerdy! hahaha basta! it was a fun experience pala :D good thing pa...we were reshuffled. but i ended up having three of my original groupmates in my group. I was still with gab, jobee and dibie,so at least i had some security blanket pa :p Gab was more scared than i was! hahaha he didn't want to dissect and get his hands dirty! so he ended up as our dissector/atlas page-turner, sweat wiper, back scratcher, cheerleader for motivation and taga-ayos ng buhok :p good thing he joined us later on... and I thought I was scared! hahaha for someone who didn't have a decent pre-med background, i think I held up quite well in their *pats back*.

:D :D :D


hmmm, I just spent this long day trying to study for my monday block exams.... key word: TRYING! Seven weeks of hodgepodge lessons from the cell to histology cannot be studied in one day and "studying" was a vain attempt at cramming them all in my head... it's supposedly just a review because I know these things already... but there are still a lot of things to review! hay... coffee+pepsi max+lack of sleep+pacing all day = migraine! Buti naman sana kung marami akong natapos... but nooooooo! Module 1 (that's like 1 week of lessons) lang ang natapos ko! boooooo   ok... im getting nervous now! med school hell!

I don't know... I felt so distracted today. I couldn't seem to settle down and get into study mode. I guess all the fatigue is taking its toll on me... we just had a module exam and the histology practical exam last friday, and now, exam na naman. Receiving the results of last week's embryology and biochem exam was the icing on the cake! Oh yeah! That was a nice way to end the hellish week... F for biochem (leche!) and barely passing for embrology (phew!). And it wasn't as if I didn't study... Oh well... dapat bumawi sa block exam na to na hindi naman nakakaganang aralin! hehehe booo! I should get my act together... QUICK!!! or maybe I should just start praying for a miracle instead hahaha Hey, don't get me wrong... I love medschool  contrary to popular belief, it's fun!


Random thoughts:

i love playing football for our team in the college hinampang... intense yung juniors maglaro... ang violent!hahaha

it's nice when you hear from people you haven't heard from for a long time... but it sucks when all they had to say was bad news.

getting an F in med school didn't feel that bad... everyone else did bad as well...i studied naman... being ab psych supposedly gives me license not to do so well... and I treated to pizza and pasta to cheer me up! hahaha

happy bubbles are niiiiice... but like all bubbles, expect them to burst eventually.

I still have 2 papers to work on next week!

I'm excited to go to manila on the 22nd! Jehl, jem, Jeff and betsy already promised to take me out! yey! satisfaction guaranteed daw! yey!!!!

I have to stop blogging and go to sleep... zzzzzz....

Place an X inside the box if it applies to you.

[X] Bought something from the A Shop (i actually have Ateneo shirts! :p)
[X] Got an A for at least one subject (hahaha :D)
[X] Understood the definition of "HELL" week…
[X] and regretted finding out what it meant
[X] Has taken/ Currently taking PE 101

[  ] Crammed three papers in one night
[X] Gave a class presentation that you now regret
[X] Know at least one photocopy lady because of professors who loved Xerox machines
[X] Got an F in a long test
[X] Promised to do better but didn't

[X] Exerted effort to be exempted sa finals of course.
[X] Striven for bonus points
[X] Slept in the library
[X] Ate lunch outside the caf
[X] Get a Jesuit for a teacher

[X] Ate at least in 10 establishments in Katipunan (uhhh... dormer!)
[ ] Got an attack from Higad (Thank GOD wala!!!)
[X] Watched BlueRep and TA plays
[X] Preferred Manang's food over the Caf's
[X] Screamed your lungs out in Araneta for the Blue Eagles

[ ] Puked at Math 19 and 20
[X] Went to CERSA night
[X] Signed-up for an Org
[X] Joined an org that has a screening
[X] Became active in that org

[X] Joined a socially oriented org
[X] Played cards during long breaks (Uno lang!)
[X] Found immersion trips meaningful
[X] Went to school in flip-flops
[X] Went to school in "pambahay attire" (roll-out-of-bed look pa nga eh!)

[X] Went to school wearing chucks
[X] Hated your random number
[ ] Been to Drew's
[X] Have an organizer, whether it be from Starbucks, Go Nuts, Belle de Jour or whatever!
[ ] Went to class without showering after P.E (lapit ng dorm! sana naman naligo ako diba! :p)

[X] Wanted to tell the guards to F*ck off (they actually do their job! grrr!)
[X] had accidentally seen a make-out session
[X] Used consultation times properly
[  ] Brought an umbrella but it didn't rain
[X] Left an umbrella and then it rained

[ ] Went to school trying to make porma but no one noticed
[X] Went to school looking crappy and everyone noticed
[X] Camwhored a lot
[X] Saw artistas and completely ignored them
[  ] Spoke in a conyo way

[X] Found a Chinese girl/boy hot (:D :D :D :D :D :D)
[X] Nagulat sa lumulubog na block sa SOM-Overpass walkway
[X] Had a block party
[  ] Cut class to watch a movie with blockmates
[X] Have at least 25 Ateneans on your Ym list

[  ] Became an FFL (Fucking freeloader!) (eewww... ang bait ko naman!)
[X] Traded dvds of American tv shows with your friends
[X] Went to Ewood for nothing
[ ] Wore aviator glasses in Ateneo
[X] Ate in class

[X] Became EMO for no apparent reason in school (hahaha i hated it!)
[X] Thought friendster is a bust and multiply is SOOO much better (ABSOLUTELy!!!!)
[X] Voted in the Sanggu elections
[X] Read the Guidon and Matanglawin thoroughly
[X] Tried to avoid the guards because you left your oh-so-precious id

[X] Engaged in deep-thinking while in Ateneo gardens such as Zen and SOM walkway
[X] Bought coffee from Figaro sa MVP basement!
[X] Nakapaghang-out sa isang MVP room (yey! STRAINS 211!)
[X] Became an official YouTube addict (hehehehe animeeee!)
[X] Knew why Jesuit education is priceless

[X] Learned a lot about life due to your Philosophy and Theology subjects
[X] Went to Ateneo even if you had no class (ummm... lived in the dorm and MVP 211!)
[X] Knew at least 7 famous Ateneo Alumni
[  ] Laughed at Tapdancers
[X] Ran out of ink due to numerous papers you had to pass

[X] Maximized the use of your flash drive (naparating navvirusan ng lecheng RSF computers!!!)
[X] Celebrated diversity in the Ateneo
[X] Kept OrSem memories
[X] Watched a movie with fellow Ateneans that aren't from your block
[X] Has the hots for a fellow Atenean.

Worth 3 points each:
[X] Attended simbang gabi at Gesu <3 <3 <3 (the christmas lights are the best :D)
[X] REGed2Vote
[X] Screamed in Araneta for the Blue Eagles
[X] Know at least 3 Ateneo cheers
[X] Memorized and sung A Song for Mary whole-heartedly
[X] Got to be on the Dean's list for at least a semester
[X] Prayed to St. Ignatius of Loyola

Worth 5 points: [X] Called yourself an Atenean

A= 92-100
B+= 86-91
B= 77-85
C+= 69-76
C= 60-68
D= 50-59
F= 49 and below

What?!?!?! di pa A??? B+ :) hahahahaha




"There is no substitute for the comfort supplied by the utterly taken-for-granted relationship." - Iris Murdoch

"Being taken for granted can be a compliment. It means you have become a comfortable, trusted element in another person's life." - Dr. Joyce Brothers


This is a more optimistic look of things... but I guess it is indeed true... the things that are there and are always there are the things we would take for granted. They have become a comfortable and trusted element seemingly embeded in our life... But they are not, boo! (unless you're married already, and nowadays, even marriage doesn't offer that security! hahaha)... 

Note: just don't take things... or people... for granted. They might not be always there.
It's amusing what seemingly intellectual crap we are capable of spouting at the weirdest, yet most opportune moments.  I was reading old chat archives and i stumbled upon this.

November 15, 2006
(22:36:54) Pinky Carmona: it is human nature to seek pleasure, but why is it that we have masochistic tendencies and high tolerance for pain? Simply because the people and causes we suffer for are worth it. 

(22:38:46) Pinky Carmona: pain and pleasure are neither inherently good or bad... one just has to experience these for the right reasons, derive these from the right sources/causes, suffer these in a right way.

I said this to a friend. Sometimes, i guess, we too have to say this to ourselves.